Kurumi Nanase Will Be Adapted to a Mobile Game!

Tencent Games at the annual conference on June 27 has announced, there are more than 40 game titles that they will release. Some of the game titles, there are indeed those that have famous titles, such as Metal Slug, Don’t Strave, and Pokemon. But there is a character from Japan named Kurumi Nanase from Joynet who was present in the list.

This cute girl who often becomes a LINE sticker will get a mobile game adaptation from Tencent Games titled Kurumi Nikki or Kurumi’s Diary. Kurumi Nanase and her sister, Konomi Nanase are officially described as Menhera figures .

fajaryusuf.com Kurumi Nanase mobile game a

Menhera is an anonymous Japanese term to describe someone who is strange in association and mental health. In addition, there is no further information about what the game developed by Tencent will look like, but when viewed from a few screenshots published, the player will use the Kurumi character and carry out his daily life.

Publisher: Tencent

Source: Dualshockers

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