Let’s Play Lord of Dice, Monopoly Gameplay + RPG Genre

Mobile games with monopoly gameplay have long been available for mobile devices. Lots of mobile game titles that present concepts like this. Most of these mobile games are successful because the gameplay of this mobile game is easy to understand and be played by all ages. But what if the monopoly gameplay concept is added to the RPG genre?

This can be found in Lord of Dice. With cute character styles and themed 3D anime, you will enter the world full of imagination. Not only monopoly mobile board games that you can enjoy in the Lord of Dice game. You can also adventure with the character in the RPG game mode which is available at certain levels.

lord of dice gameplay

With the addition of this RPG mode also makes Lord of Dice even more fun to play with friends. Lord of Dice has actually been released on certain servers. But for Southeast Asia servers, Lord of Dice has just been released. You can play this game right now. Not only that, Lord of Dice also has an interesting event that you can follow as a form of celebration for the release of this unique game.

What are you waiting for, download and play the game right now! Master the monopoly board and show who is the champion!. Lord of Dice SEA will share each unique event every time you reach certain terms and conditions.


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