UNDECEMBER new trailer gameplay

LINE Games Releases New Gameplay Trailer For UNDECEMBER

LINE Games Corporation has released a new gameplay trailer for the game RPG hack-and-slash their latest will soon release titled UNDECEMBER, developed by Needs Games and will dipublisheri by LINE Games.

The new trailer for the game features gameplay details and in-game specific content. Players can not only get a glimpse of the various skills but also get a glimpse of the game’s gameplay and systems, including the Enchant and Zodiac menus to increase character items and stats.

UNDECEMBER new trailer gameplay fajaryusuf

The newly published trailer also features a variety of multiplayer content, including Chaos Dungeon, Spire of Barrier, Crusade of Glory, Raid, and Guild Battleground.

As a cross-platform Hack-and-Slash RPG genre game between mobile and PC, UNDECEMBER offers an immersive story campaign with a variety of multiplayer content to keep all players engaged in the game with each other.

UNDECEMBER PC + Mobile gameplay trailer

UNDECEMBER PC + Mobile LINE Games Play Game 2021 reveal trailer


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