Revealed! This is the official MMORPG Lineage 2M Release Date!

The long-awaited wait is finally over, because the Lineage 2M mobile game that has fantastic graphics finally has an official release date. The MMORPG game developed by NCsoft will be coming soon for Android and iOS on November 27/2019, and players will soon be able to play it.

Not surprisingly, this game has a high popularity, it can be seen from the many interests of players who take part in pre-registration, Lineage 2M could reach 7 million pre-registrants on November 1, and some time ago managed to reach max capacity in just 2 hours, when opening the character creation test in the game.

From what is known to date, Lineage 2M has full 3D graphics developed with various latest technologies in the game world to make a realistic and fantastic impression in the game. Cool, Lineage 2M is also the only mobile game that implements Collection detection, so players will get a more realistic feel when interacting with objects in the game.

2m lineage gameplay

Lineage 2M will also implement Seamless loading so that players will not get a loading screen that is too depicted in most MMORPG games, and will have more than 100 class types that can be explored in the game.

Not only that, a new emulator that is being developed by NCsoft will also be released to coincide with the release of Lineage 2M. Players who want to play the Lineage 2M game on a PC can immediately download the emulator, and the Mobile user and Purple PC user will have the same server, making the Lineage 2M game a game that supports cross platform.

Yep, can’t wait for the release of the fantastic and realistic MMORPG game? Hopefully the release of this game globally will be announced soon. You can check Lineage 2M official website to get more information related to the game!

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