Lineage W Now Started Pre-Registration Event Campaign

NCSoft has officially announced the event pre-registration campaign for their new mobile game called Lineage W. This mobile MMORPG gameis planned to be released globally in 2021 and will also be available for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5 platforms.

In the past few days, Lineage W has held a Showcase, here are important notes that can be concluded at the showcase event:


  • Chief Creative Officer, Taek-Jin Kim, introduced this MMORPG game as a continuation of the previous Lineage game series, Kim highlighted that Lineage W is a compilation of the Lineage IP for the last 24 years.
  • This game series now has a 3D view to be able to better show things that are impossible to display or difficult to create in 2D. A more dynamic in-game environment for tactical gameplay that allows players to be more immersed in the world of Lineage W.
  • Unlike the previous game series, Lineage W will have a more narrative that allows players to know more about the story in the Lineage game. Each class will have a unique storyline. There will be more narrative elements in the game.
  • Players will be able to take part on a large scale as they play, as battles are fought in real-time globally.
  • The in-game AI translation system will help players from different countries understand each other’s language. There is also a text to speech feature in the in-game.
  • Information about the game system, such as items, boss appearance times, and locations is more easily available to allow new players to better understand the game.

If you’re interested in MMORPG games like Lineage, pre-registration for the game is currently underway, so head over to their official website to pre-register! ClickHere.


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