New MMORPG Game From NCSoft, Lineage W Will Release For PC and Mobile

Not long ago NCSoft has announced their new MMORPG game entitled Lineage W, this game will be released with cross-platform features, which means it can be played on mobile and PC platforms. The official Lineage W teaser website has also been opened, NCSoft also plans to provide more detailed information about Lineage W on August 19, 2021. They also plan to release the game between these platforms globally, but the release date has not been announced, possibly at the end of this year.

NCSoft seems to want to revive the Lineage game series on Lineage W. The teaser website and published videos still don’t show the in-game gameplay of Lineage W, but they do show cinematic animations that players can see on the teaser website. Lineage W will still have the same genre as the previous series Lineage first and Lineage II, which are MMORPG genre games.

Lineage w

As informed above, NCSoft will provide more detailed information regarding this game on August 19, 2021, possibly they will provide information about the release date and in-game gameplay of Lineage W. Lineage W is currently still being developed for PC and smartphone platforms.

If you are curious about the Lineage W video trailer, below is the trailer:

Lineage W - Special Video I : Eternity

Teaser website: LineAgeWPlayNC


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