lineage w will release on november 4th

Lineage W Will Release On November 4 For SEA

With the pre-registration campaign event for global that has started last September, the developer NCsoft yesterday announced that the MMORPG game Lineage W will be officially released in Region 1 on November 4, 2021 (Korean Time).

Region 1 consists largely of Asian countries, including the SEA, with almost identical time zones. The second livestream video showcase titled “Answer” featured Group-LeaderLee Sung Gu, Lee Sung Gu explaining that many questions were asked by the players, such as server region, business model, any features inherited from the previous version of Lineage, and many more. Please watch the showcase video entitled “Answer” at the end of this article.

Here are some scenes that explain the various regions in the game Lineage W. There is currently no release date for Region 2 (or 3), so stay tuned for more updates on this game!

lineage w will release on november 4th

Lineage W - 2nd Showcase : Answer


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