Lord of Heroes English Version Has Officially Released Globally

CloverGames has officially announced the release of their latest game, yep Lord of Heroes, with an English version globally. Players from all over the world can now download the latest game from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Lord of Heroes is a mobile RPG collection heroes game with beautiful and stunning Anime style graphics and cutscenes. There are 49 heroes that players can unloack and collect and players can do this by simply playing through the main quest or unloacking the desired hero by buying them using in-game currency. The gacha system in this game is based on items.

Fajaryusuf.com Lord of Heroes

Combat in the LoH game uses turn-based with other options, the automatic battle function. The cool thing about this mobile game is that players can fight many enemies at once, even more than 10 enemies at once.

Publisher: CloverGames

Download GooglePlay or AppStore

[Lord of Heroes] Official trailer


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