Lost Light Survival Shooter released

Lost Light, the exciting Survival Shooter game has been released!

Netease Games has officially announced the release of Global OBT for their newest game, Lost Light. Players who are looking for a Survival Shooter game to develop their character and compete with other players, can now download Lost Light from Googleplay.

If you are a fan of Shooter games with Looting and Custom systems, Lost Light is the game for you. The world of Lost Light has a High Risk High Return rule, you can sneak and look for supplies or go with weapons to loot like a warlord. Upgrading Items and trading in this game is very important to build strength and defeat the enemies.

Lost Light Survival Shooter released

The graphics in this game are very impressive, but the movement of the characters is a bit stiff and the bullet visuals are almost invisible. But since this game was developed for the Mobile platform and ported to PC, it looks like the graphics are pretty good.

Unlike Shooter games in general, it’s not just about killing enemies, but players must also be able to loot and develop themselves. Players can do this by killing enemies or secretly looting the surrounding environment. The gameplay concept may be similar to Escape from Tarkov.


Lost Light Game Trailer - English


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