Let’s Download Lost Stones: Aya’s Prophecy, Now!

IGG Publisher officially announced the soft launch of their mobile game which will soon be full release, yep Lost Stones: Aya’s Prophecy. Players who live in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan can now download this game from Google Play.

Lost Stones is an RPG mobile puzzle game that presents more than 100 different characters to be collected by players. Players must form parties with 5 different characters, solve puzzles and defeat enemies to continue story mode.

Lost Stones: Aya's Prophecy gameplay

Another feature available in this mobile game is the city development mode. Players need to build their own base that will be used to improve various kinds of equipment, research technology, recruit friends and participate in PVP.

This mobile game is similar to most other RPG puzzle games, there will be a boss raid, players must join with friends to defeat the boss. However, the battle will not take place in real-time.

Publisher: IGG.com

Download: Google Play

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