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Let’s Download! Lucid Adventure Action RPG 2D

Super Planet has officially announced the release of Lucid Adventure on the AppStore and Google Play. This mobile game is now available globally and supports 4 languages ​​including English, Japanese and Chinese.

Lucid Adventure is a 2D RPG mobile action game that can be easily played by anyone and experience the great adventures of exciting heroes. The main gameplay in this mobile game is to form a party strategically with 4 heroes, then fight against monsters. Not only Story Mode, but there are various numbers of other modes that can be enjoyed by players, such as Nightmare Invasion, PvP Arena, Dungeons, Relics, etc.

lucid adventure gameplay

Challenge other players all over the world! You only need to strategically prepare 2 party groups for the purpose of attacking and defending in the arena. Whoever wins first place in these seasons will be listed in the ‘Hall of Fame‘ globally. Become a legend and make your name forever.

If you want to play with friends, Guild is the perfect system for you. Collect AP through Campfire System with other guild members. Enjoy chatting and sharing adventure experiences with them.

There is currently an event that gives many special prizes to new players for a limited time, including A+ Grade Tank Hero – Sora, II Tier Uncommon Amulet, 10 Sweep Tickets, 1000 Diamonds, 30k Golds, 3 Scroll Enchant Superior and I Tier Material Box. If you want to start the game with a profit then don’t miss this opportunity to receive the item!

Publisher: Super Planet

Download: Google Play

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