LYN The Lightbringer Updates New Contents And Events Season 2

The game developed by NEXONLYN The Lightbringer, has just updated the content that presents a variety of new content for Season 2.

MMORPG game that presents HD quality graphics will present a variety of new boss raid and various other new content.

As an update to commemorate Season 2, Nexon provides various new feature updates with the following details:

Lyn the lightbringer update season 2
  • New boss raid : Proud, Glaaki, and Kanhel will be the latest raid boss that will give players new challenges
  • Festive Wardrobes : Sheila, Rua, and Loki get festival costumes in traditional Korean style at in-game shop
  • Special Event : As part of the update, players can participate in Full Moon Creation events, players can get reward boxes after going through various quests during the event
  • Altar of Advent : Altar of Advent which is quite popular is now changed to Verulian
Lyn the lightbringer update season

Not only that, there will be some bug and system fixes, so that it gives the player a smoother playing experience.

LYN The Lightbringer is a game developed by NEXON in collaboration with Jeong Juno, who is famous for his work on Lineage 2.

If you are interested in this game, download and play this game right now on Android Google Playstore and iOS AppStore!

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