Save The City With Beautiful Guardians In Machimusu Game

What would you do if suddenly the world was overrun by aliens? Are you going to run scared, or strike back? Yep, you might be able to get the answer in a new mobile game that is being developed by DMM Games, yep this game is Machimusu.

Machimusu is a mobile game with genre strategic of town building games, the Player will use the city where they live as a tool to attack aliens coming from outer space. The battlefield of this game is every city that has a Guardian in the form of a beautiful woman called “Machimusu”, Machimusu will keep you from alien danger.

Machimusu mobile game

Each Machimusu has 4 status, namely GDP, Agricultural, Industrial, and Commercial which will affect attack damage and defense when attacking or being attacked by aliens. Players can upgrade to 4 status by building various kinds of buildings in the city, so that the character you have will become stronger.

This game also presents various and famous cities, ranging from Beijing, Moscow, Tokyo, London, and many more. Machimusu will be released for Android and iOS, but this game is still in the phase development, and interested players can pre-register on the Official Machimusu website.

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