MARVEL Future Revolution Has Officially Released Globally

Netmarble Corporation in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment has now announced the global release of their new mobile game entitled Marvel Future Revolution. Players who are interested in this superhero game can now download it on the iOS or Android platform, on the AppStore or GooglePlay.

MARVEL Future Revolution is Marvel’s first open-world mobile action-RPG game. This is an action-RPG game featuring Red Skull, Baron Mordo, MODOK, Green Goblin, Red Goblin, and other villains with superheroes including Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and other superheroes who have been confirmed as superheroes. playable in-game.

marvel future revolution release released global

At the time of the release of MARVEL Future Revolution, they will be showing not one, but two live streams! Catch Gamescom coverage on Gamescom at 11:00 PDT, and an interview with other developers between Agent M and Danny Koo on Marvel LIVE, at 17:00 PDT!

Publisher: Netmarble

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore

Marvel Future Revolution Gameplay BY TaraArt


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