Marvel Future Revolution Will Be Released On August 25th

Netmarble has officially announced the release date for their latest mobile game entitled Marvel Future Revolution which will be released soon. Players who haven’t pre-registered for this mobile game, you still have one month left to do so!

Marvel Future Revolution is a two-party collaboration between Netmarble and Marvel Entertainment, and the sequel to the Marvel Future Fight action-RPG game. The mobile game is currently released as a soft-lunch in Canada.

Many players have successfully tried this game and they say that this latest marvel game is really a big improvement from Future Fight. Combat can be very fast and players must react quickly to prevent enemies from overwhelm them with consecutive attacks. And this game is played with a third-person view, many players complain because it is difficult to adjust the camera angle.

marvel future revolution

The production value of this game is likely very high because there are many cutscenes with voice actors, quicktime events, a comprehensive hero upgrade system, and more.

Pre-register for this mobile action-RPG game now to receive a free Costume Gift Box when the game officially releases. See you in-game on August 25th!

Pre-registration: marvelfuturerevolution


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