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Marvel Realm of Champions Publish Trailer Gameplay Prime

Kabam has officially released a trailer showing the gameplay for their new mobile game which will be released soon, yep Marvel Realm of Champions.

Marvel Realm of Champions is a 3v3 fighting game adapted based on the Marvel Universe. This mobile game presents battles that are different from other marvel games, and focuses on so that players can enjoy fast-paced fighting action.

fajaryusuf.com trailer for Marvel Realm of Champions Gameplay a

Based on the official trailer Marvel Realm of Champions that you can watch at the end of the article, we can see that apart from combat gameplay, there are many costumes or body parts that you can customize according to your taste for your favorite hero.

Currently, there is still no information regarding the official release date of this latest marvel game.

Source: YouTube Official Marvel ROC

Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Marvel Realm of Champions

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