Mechanical Origin Mobile MMORPG Game With Futuristic Art-Style

If you are an MMORPG game player, and really like mobile MMORPGs, maybe you are already bored with the themes and art-styles used in current mobile MMORPG games. Themes such as anime and art-style that have been widely used, a kingdom of legends and so on, have become commonplace in mobile MMORPGs. However, currently there is a new mobile MMORPG entitled Mechanical Origin which has a new theme and art-style.

Yep, based the title, that this Mechanical Origin mobile MMORPG game has a futuristic theme and art-style robot like Mecha or Gundam. Starting from the available classes, stories to the art-style character designs used in this mobile game, this mobile game is full of futuristic robot themes, something new for a mobile MMORPG game.

This MMORPG game tells the story of a world where future technology has become something that is commonly seen and used by the public. However, because the use of various robotic machines is too strong, many people use it as a source of strength to oppress the weak.

Mechanical origin

You as a player are one of the oppressed people, but one day you will get a chance. An opportunity to avenge those in power over evil, you will have heavy equipment with which to fight against the criminals. In this mobile game, this heavy equipment is referred to as a class, something that exists in all MMORPG genre games.

Just like MMORPGs in general, in this mobile game you can do dungeons solo or party, complete quests and other things. However, everything in this game is presented with the feel of the future, those of you who like Cyberpunk 2077 will probably like this MMORPG game. In addition, the visual level of this game’s graphics is also very stunning, this game is very good for you to try playing.

Mechanical Origin just started the closed beta test phase for the Japanese region on June 21 yesterday. For now, only Android devices can enter the game, and for the global version we still have to wait for this mobile MMORPG game to be officially released first.

Source: 9game

Mechanical Origin - MMORPG Gameplay (Android/IOS)

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