Hilarious Meme Game! Fight of Animals-Solo Edition

Various kinds of viral meme images on the internet can sometimes be creative ideas to be adapted into a new work. One of them is what Digital Crafter developers have done, they have developed a mobile fighting game that stars a variety of animals from various popular memes.

Although making this game seem playful, but this mobile game was developed with a fighting gameplay that is solid enough and fun to play. A blend of unique martial arts and entertaining comedy elements, this mobile game has immediately attracted the attention of many mobile game players since it was released on Steam at the end of last year.

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To attract the attention of more new players, Digital Crafter finally decided to release this game on Android and iOS, titled Fight of Animals-Solo Edition, this mobile version still offers content similar to the PC version but with the addition of microtransaction instead of access to free downloads .

If you are curious and want to try it, you can download Fight of Animals-Solo Edition for free via GooglePlay or AppStore.

Publisher: Digital Crafter

Download GooglePlay or AppStore

Fight of Animals 動物之鬪-Solo Edition (Android、iOS)
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