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Might & Magic: Chess Royale, Auto Chess With PvP 1vs100!

To make a new game genre is indeed very difficult and filled with many challenges, but sometimes experiments like this can produce extraordinary results. One example is the Auto Chess / Autobattler genre which is now a very popular on mobile game. Utilizing the popularity of a game genre and the potential of this relatively new genre, Ubisoft finally took part in developing their own mobile game autobattler.The auto chess game made by Ubisoft is entitled Might & Magic: Chess Royale, this mobile game is the first auto chess / autobattler to present the concept of gameplay with 100 players or arguably the autochess royale. All heroes or units in Chess Royale are adapted based on Might and Magic heroes, they come with their own unique factions and skills. Apart from implementing an upgraded system that can create a “combo synergy” on the unit being played, this mobile game also has a gameplay concept that is not much different from other autochess / autobattler mobile games.
Might Magic Chess Royale gameplay
Indeed a royal autobattler with a 100-player match sounds very interesting, but unfortunately Chess Royale has a different way of implementing it. So players will not directly be met by 100 players in one phase of the same match, they will have to compete like other autobattler games, namely 1vs1 until only one player will be the winner. If so, it sounds like a really long time in 1 game, but Ubisoft said that Chess Royale will offer a faster game session than other autobattler games.

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