Minimum Specifications Device Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Square Enix is currently continuing their efforts to promote the latest Final Fantasy mobile battle-royale game entitled Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. In yesterday’s announcement, they announced plans for the game’s release schedule starting with the CBT phase. And also information on the minimum device specifications Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier.

Still at the same announcement event, Square Enix also explained the minimum specifications needed to play this mobile battle-royale game. As a fantasy battle-royale game with very high visual graphics, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier also requires a powerful mobile device to play it.

If we look at most battle royale games, games of this genre focus very much on memory and RAM usage when talking about minimal specifications. The same thing can be found in this fantasy battle-royale game, because the minimum specifications of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier also require a fairly large RAM specification.

minimum specifications minimum specifications of final fantasy VII the first soldier

To play this game optimally, Android players need the minimum specifications required are Android 64 bit – Android 7.1 and higher. Meanwhile, iOS players require a minimum of the specifications of the iPhone 8 Plus or higher.

For Android and iOS requires a minimum of 3GB RAM to play this game smoothly. Of course, if you want better quality, then you can just use a device with a higher specification than this.

The CBT phase will also soon begin for Canada and the United States region. The two countries will be the first to try out this battle-royale game from Final Fantasy. In the closed beta, later players will get minimum specification information to play this game in more detail.

Source: Square Enix


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