Minimum Specifications Required To Play Free Fire MAX

Do you know the minimum specifications needed to play Free Fire MAX? Garena Free Fire (FF) is a mobile battle royale game that is very popular today, and also with low specifications. Due to the low requirements for device specifications, this mobile game has succeeded in becoming one of the battle royale mobile game choices for players who do not have high-end smartphones.

However, because of this, Free Fire FF’s graphics are always ridicule because the graphics are not HD. To get rid of these graphic deficiencies, Garena finally released a new project called Free Fire MAX, this project is the latest version that is more modern than the usual Free Fire FF.

In the Free Fire MAX game, players can enjoy all the content in Free Fire with more stunning and modern graphics and features. Because this MAX game improves the smooth movement of animation, visual graphics, and smooth gameplay, it is much better than the normal Free Fire version.

minimum specifications minimum specifications free fire max

Free Fire MAX has just started the CBT phase for several regions, and the most recent is the MENA server. From existing reports, this mobile game is truly a new version that is fresher, modern, and smoother than the regular version of FF Free Fire. However, because this version is more HD, the minimum required specifications are also higher.

The following are the minimum specifications and examples of what devices can play Free Fire MAX smoothly:

  • Minimum specifications 4GB: HD / Full HD graphics, 1920 × 1080 pixels (intermediate)
  • Minimum specifications 6GB: Full HD graphics, 2220 × 1080 pixels (premium intermediate)
  • Minimum specifications 8GB: QUAD HD graphics (2K), 2560 × 1440 pixels (premium)
  • Galaxy A30, Redmi Note 8, One Hyper, iPhone 7
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Judging from the specifications above, players can know that the required device specifications are very different from the normal Free Fire version. With these minimum specifications, Free Fire MAX is included in the HD mobile game type.



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