Mitrasphere Multiplayer RPG Game Has Released Globally

This game was first announced in April 2021, this RPG game titled Mitrasphere developed by Crunchyroll, has now been released globally. Previously, this mobile multiplayer game was already very popular in the Japanese region when it was first released in 2017.

Crunchyroll is collaborating with Bank of Innovation Inc so that they can present this game globally. From the initial announcement, pre-registration stage to release, Mitrasphere has received good enthusiasm by players. Both new players and players who already understand this game have been waiting for a global release.

Mitrasphere is an RPG mobile game that focuses on multiplayer / co-op features. This mobile game has features to support shared games, chat features, private rooms and various communication features that work well in the game. Not only that, this mobile game also runs in real time, so the interaction between players will run well.

mitrasphere rpg global

This game has a variety of classic content such as JRPG genre games in general, an RPG game with multiplayer features in it. In this game, players can go on an adventure together with 5 players in a party. Although only a few, actually this game can be said as an MMORPG game because players can customize the characters used.

For players who are interested in trying Mitrasphere, you can already download this game on Android or iOS. Currently, the response to this game is very good because many players like the various features and content in the game.

Download: AppStore or GooglePlay


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