MMORPG MU Archangel is currently starting a pre-register event

After the pre-registration phase for the Android platform on April 13, currently Webzen as a developer and publisher for PC and mobile MU games has announced that the pre-registration of the MU Archangel mobile MMORPG game for iOS has started today for the Southeast Asia region.

MU Archangel is a continuation of the MMORPG Classic MU. Webzen has issued 2 other MU Games after MU Online, namely MU Origin, Mu Origin II, and the next one to be released is MU Archangel. Webzen said that players can experience the same experience as the previous version and also simplify some features so that players can feel at home playing this mobile game.

Mu archangel

MU Online was originally a Medieval Fantasy MMORPG from Webzen. This MMORPG game has an isometric view like Diablo so that players can easily see the monsters on the map. This MMORPG Classic game is 20 years old and still releases updates, even now it has entered season 15. Tells about a continent called MU which is very prosperous located in the Pacific Ocean. But because of the obsession of the nobles on the continent, the MU continent, which was initially prosperous, was destroyed by the war of power-hungry.

Players can go on an adventure in MU’s medieval world and fight monsters such as goblins, golems, and others to increase their character level. The PvP system in this game is very good, if a player kills another player on purpose, the player’s name will turn red and will be penalized. And also the self-defense system allows players who are attacked by Player Killer (PK) to kill the PK without being penalized at all.

For players who have not pre-registered for MU Archangel, you can do it on the official MU Archangel website for Android and iOS users. At this time, there is still no official information for MU Archangel’s open beta schedule.

MU Archangel | Pre-registration open!

Pre-registration click HERE


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