MMORPG Game ODIN: Rise of Valhalla Begins Pre-Registration Event

For players who are fans of MMORPG games, ODIN: Rise of Valhalla is finally providing new information. This information is certainly good news for players because Kakao Games has just announced that the ODIN: Rise of Valhalla game has started a pre-registration event on April 28 yesterday.

ODIN: Rise of Valhalla is currently one of the candidates for the MMORPG game with the highest interest. Not a few players from all over the world have been waiting for the release of this mobile MMOORPG game, that’s why this pre-registration event is highly anticipated.

This game was developed so that it can be played cross-play with various devices. This pre-registration stage will be carried out for both devices at once, PC and mobile. Not only that, this game also uses the Unreal Engine 4, for the visuals of this game’s graphics are very impressive.

Odin rise of valhalla

ODIN: Rise of Valhalla is an MMORPG game that focuses on the legend of Nordic mythology. ODIN, of course, will be an important character in this game, then players may also be able to see other important characters such as Thor, Loki and Hela.

This MMO game can be said to be quite unique, because currently MMORPG games have been mastered by art designs with anime and cartoon styles, except for Black Desert and the like. In fact, this game could be the first MMORPG to adapt the Nordic and ODIN story as a whole.

Lionheart Studio is the developer responsible for this game, they also work closely with publisher Kakao Games. Don’t miss it, you can wait for the pre-registration update on the official ODIN website: Rise of Valhalla.

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