Shenggu Will Develop Game MMORPG Project A, Amazing Graphics

Shenggu Will Develop Game MMORPG Project A, Amazing Graphics

Shanda Games is one of the biggest game companies in the world, which comes from China. The popularity of Shanda Games is very well known in the local market, and focuses on mobile game products.

After not being heard from for a long time, Shanda Games has changed its name to Shenggu Games, and is currently collaborating with Eyedentity to develop the latest game.

Project A MMORPG

Shenggu Games gives the name of the game project they are working on under the name Project A.

In the trailer, this game shows amazing and stunning visuals for a class of mobile MMORPG games.

And not a few think that this game will be released for the console and PC platforms.

Project A gameplay image

No wonder with the slick graphics, because Game Project A is made using Unity Engine .

In addition, in this game you will have a mission to save a world filled with killer monsters.

The developer also said that this game was inspired by one of the famous Action games on Android, namely Dungeons & Dragons.

But until now, there is no official schedule for the release announced by Shenggu Games.

And on the other hand there is news that it seems that the Project A game will be released in 2019.

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Source: mmoculture

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