Project Odin

Ultra Realistic Graphics, New MMORPG Game Titled PROJECT ODIN

First announced in August, Lionheart studio which is a new mobile game developer in South Korea, has just officially announced and presented a gameplay teaser for the mobile game that will be released soon, titled Project Odin.

Project Odin will be a new MMORPG game that will be released for Android and iOS. In addition, Project Odin will be released using Unreal Engine 4 so the graphics in this game will certainly be very realistic and fantastic.


Lionheart said that the Project Odin game is the only mobile game that uses realistic 3D scans and motion capture, so that players can experience a more cool and exciting playing experience like life in the game world.

Project Odin is a game that presents Norse Mythology, which means players will find a variety of characters from these mythologies, including Odin, Freyja, Loki and Thor.

Norse mythology is the same mythological setting as Ragnarok Online, how cool. Unfortunately, this game still does not have a definite release date, so wait for the update information on FajarYusuf.Com ya!.

Project Odin (KR) - Official teaser trailer
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