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New MMORPG Mobile Game Spiritwish, Let’s Pre Registration!

Nexon has officially announced the pre-registration event for the global version of the Spiritwish mobile game. Today, mobile game players around the world have been able to pre-register Spiritwish on the Official Website and Google Play for the chance to try to play one of the first games to control three characters at once and deal with various attack damage to enemies.

In Spiritwish in-game, players are invited to lead a hero team to follow in the footsteps of the Three Gods who control ancient relics and to protect the land of Kaleva from invading evil. Spiritwish offers a series of impressive features to provide a unique MMORPG experience for mobile players. Here are the details:

  • Multi Character Playability: In this unprecedented feature, the player can control three heroes at once at the same time to deal triple the damage and build a strong, colorful and impressive team
  • Unique Heroes: Each Spiritwish character uses the unique power of long-range to near attacks, allowing players to develop a combination of various heroes and combat strategies
  • Online Access: Spiritwish allows players from all over the world to join in and use special abilities to explore the vast world full of frightening co-op attacks at various levels of difficulty
  • Exciting Daily Dungeons: Every day, original missions wait for players to get the chance to unlock amazing prizes. Onkalo Dungeon invites players to join the nine character challenge
  • One-Hand Mode: Spiritwish offers easy-to-use functions that allow chat and one-handed games for gamers on the go.
MMORPG Mobile Spirit

Spiritwish is the latest project from the developer NEON Studio, which is famous for their work in Ragnarok, Granado, Espada, and Tree of Savior. Each of these games gets the top four and three ranks on Google Play and the App Store.

Players who register for pre-registration will get 500 Blue Diamonds and 100,000 Gold. Players who pre-register through Google Play will also receive a Special Gift Box.

Pre-register here.

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