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Wow, Malaysia Local MOBA Entitled Ejen Ali: Agents’ Arena!

Malaysia’s local animated cartoon, yep Ejen Ali, is currently developing the MOBA game, titled Ejen Ali: Agents’ Arena, currently beta tests are underway! The game testing period was first announced on January 24th 2020 last month.

Various characters from Ejen Ali, such as Ejen Ali himself, along with Rudy, Alicia, Mika, Roza and Khai, certainly appear in this mobile game, a mobile game developed jointly by Media Prima Digital and Common Extract.

Ejen Ali: Agents’ Arena will be different from most MOBA mobile games, which are generally 5 vs 5, but in this game it is 3 vs 3. Each trio will fight on 3 lanes to destroy enemy towers and base. Currently, only 6 characters are announced, each character has a different skill and role.

Ejen Ali Agents Arena gameplay

This mobile game is planned for release in early May 2020, for the iOS and Android platforms. The pre-register link can still be accessed, and for those who have received access, they can download the game via the link provided on Official Facebook.

For those who don’t know about Ejen Ali, the short story involves a titular boy who accidentally became an MATA agent after using the Infinity Retinal Intelligent System (IRIS), a prototype device made by the Meta Advance Tactical Agency (MATA). He later became involved in MATA’s mission with his uncle, Bakar. This animation was produced by WAU Animation.

Pre-register link HERE.

Official Facebook link HERE.

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