Mobile Game For Anime Fans, Blue Archive Has Been Released

For those of you who are anime fans, currently there is a mobile RPG game that is suitable for you to play called Blue Archive, which this mobile game has just officially released.

Yostar as the developer of the Blue Archive game is indeed quite popular as a game developer for anime fans and is very popular.

Among them are the Azur Lane and Arknights games which have been officially released globally some time ago.

Yostar has officially released the Blue Archive for the Android and iOS platforms. However, the release of this game is only in the Japan region. Blue Archive

You don’t need to worry because you can’t play this latest anime game, because Yostar will usually release their game globally if you get a very good response for its first release.

Blue Archive is a game that has 3D tactical combat gameplay and players will act as teachers, and students will solve various crime cases that appear in the city in the game.

Just like other Yostar games, players will be required to form the best possible team composition to get through various obstacles.

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