MoeGirl Go! New Idle RPG Game Currently Has Started Closed Beta Test

Perfect World Games has officially announced the limited Android Beta Test for their mobile game which will be released soon, yep this game is titled MoeGirl Go! Currently, players can open GooglePlay to download this MoeGirl game.

During the beta test phase, players can get ten consecutive draws every day when the player is online, and also strong UR heroes will be provided for free. MoeGirl Go!
source: neoggwp

MoeGirl Go! is an idle RPG genre mobile game, in which all famous historical heroes will transform into new female figures. The appearance and style design of the cute cartoon characters and the extraordinary skills of each hero will give players an amazing visual party playing experience.

Apart from heroes, players can also maintain pets in the game. Even though they have a beautiful appearance, their battle power is very strong! What’s more, the boss in this game has the appearance of cute girls, which will make players really enjoy the adventure in a relaxed atmosphere.

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