Monster Rancher 1 And 2 DX Remaster Will Release For Mobile Platform

Currently there is good news for fans of the Monster Rancher game, because it was recently announced that this game caring for and fighting monsters will be released soon for the mobile platform. Yep, this classic Simulation RPG game will later be re-released on the iOS, PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms , which will bring back various kinds of monsters in the Monster Rancher 1 and 2 DX games.

This monster simulation RPG game was first released by Koei Tecmo in 1997 for the first series, and 1999 for the second series. Released at the end of the year, players can finally return to the experience of playing caring for monsters, training monsters, then fighting monsters in various tournaments to earn money.

monster rancher 1 2 dx mobile remaster

Furthermore, the money obtained from the tournament results can be used by players to buy items that are useful for training monsters so they can win more tournaments. The monster rancher game series is really fun to play to pass the time, because this game has a variety of cool monsters with a variety of unique skills, which players can see after the player trains the monsters.

Although the original version of Monster Rancher requires a CD that is used to summon monsters in-game. The remastered version of this game requires a database from the player to find the CD/ID of the monster in order to summon the desired monster. This remastered game will bring a variety of new features such as Freeze Slots, Monster hall of Fame Slots, and new modes that players can use to speed up gameplay. Players can also see more details about the remastered Monster Rancher series in the video trailer.

Players can also get new monsters, with various kinds of rebalancing so that all existing monsters are not overpowered. But unfortunately, there is still no information about the release date of this monster simulation game even though there is online media that informs this game will be released on December 9, 2021. And it is still not certain whether this Monster Rancher DX game will also be released for the Android platform. or not.

Source: koeitecmoamerica

Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX - Announcement Trailer



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