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Monster Rancher Mobile Will Be Released Soon This Year!

Are you one of the veteran gamers who have played older generation console games, including PlayStation and Nintendo DS?, then it is very likely that you have already played Monster Rancher.

In Japan this game has another name, yep Monster Farm, the franchise made by Koei Tecmo that offers RPG simulation gameplay has provided powerful addictions and unforgettable memories for many players. Thanks to the very positive respone since the first series, Monster Rancher has produced 14 series of games for various platforms.

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The 20th anniversary of the franchise comes with an unexpected surprise, Koei plans to re-release the original Monster Rancher game for Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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After sharing the screenshot sightings, they finally officially released their inaugural trailer at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 that you can immediately see at the end of this article.

Like the information above, Monster Rancher is planned to be released this 2019 for Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

For the time being the release of this game is only exclusive to Japan, but it is likely that Koei will release the game for a global version afterwards.

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