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Moonlight Sculptor Opens Global Pre-Registration Event

Kakao Games has officially announced a pre-registration event for their new mobile game entitled Moonlight Sculptor globally.

Moonlight Sculptor is a sandbox-MMORPG genre mobile game based on the popular novel, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.

The following are details of the features in the Moonlight Sculptor game:

Story and Destiny Set by the Player!
Relive the story of the novel, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, where players are completely free to play as they wish and be whatever they want!

Battlefield of Valor Tournament!
Become a winner in weekly tournaments and claim epic crowns and prizes as the champion! Moonlight Sculptor

Chaotic Entrance!
Check out the ever-changing dungeons through the Chaotic Entrance! Get more EXP and rare treasures through dungeons filled with evil enemies and powerful bosses.

Diverse Content of Life!
Players can decorate houses, cook delicious food for fans, go fishing, or make their own weapons and armor!

Find the Best Companion!
From pets to mercenaries, there will always be a trusted companion to accompany players on their adventures.

Making Sculptures with Fragments!
Players can become craftsmen of sculptures and place masterpieces at home for fans.

Play offline!
Heroes will never rest! Continue the captivating gameplay and action-packed battles in Sleep-Mode, players can still get valuable loot and EXP items!

Let’s pre-register this mobile MMORPG game now to unlock various prizes when this game is officially released!

Pre-registration click HERE


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