Moonlight Sculptor, From Novel To Be Mobile Game MMORPG

For you who like novels, especially VRMMORPG genre, surely you are no stranger to a series called Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. Novel series that has received webcomic adaptation, it was previously announced that it will get mobile game adaptation.

In 2016, XLGames as one of the game developers in Korea, said it would make a game adapted from the popular novel.

Even so, it is only in 2019 that the much-awaited game gives the latest news, where XLGames will collaborate with Kakao games to complete the adaptation game and now has opened phase pre-registration.

Moonlight Sculptor

The game set in the VRMMORPG Royal Road world, will come with 5 character classes that can be picked up in the game.

Players can play together with friends to visit and explore the world in the game.

Cool again, the game created based on the Light Novel, will also provide a variety of Hidden Quest that you can find in-game, thus increasing the excitement of exploring the game.

Moonlight Sculptor

However, it is still unknown whether in the game, players can get the same “Legendary Moonlight Sculptor ” job as our protagonist “Weed” in the game. Or you will get an NPC that has the same background in the game.

If you are interested, this Legendary Moonlight Sculptor game will be present for iOS and Android, and you can immediately pre-register on the Kakao Website .

Moonlight Sculptor

For those of you who are registering now, you can get a pet contract, you can summon a cat who will be your friend in the game. So what are you waiting to do immediately pre-registration now!

Moonlight Sculptor (KR) - Official teaser trailer
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