Moonton Presents Game Turn Based, Mobile Legends Adventure

Moonton as a mobile game developer has been very successful now, due to the presence of game Mobile Legends which has been successful and popular in Southeast Asia.

Not stopping with Mobile Legends, Moonton is finally ready to release new games with different genres.

Moonton must be proud because one of their games, namely, Mobile Legends Bang Bang very popular in Southeast Asia.

As a mobile game developer, of course the success and popularity of a game that was created became a very remarkable achievement.

Despite having some controversy over legal cases and copyrights, Moonton with Mobile Legends is still being played by many people, and the tournament is still being carried out in various countries.

After releasing Mobile Legends in 2016, Moonton finally released a new game, but still uses the same character as Mobile Legends, a game called Mobile Legends: Adventure.

Mobile legends adventure gameplay

This game has a genre of turn-based RPG, and is similar to Summon WarsSeven KnightOverhitKing Raid, and other similar games.

What is the further gameplay of Mobile Legends: Adventure? Let's download it via Playstore or AppStore.

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