New Multi-Player Battle Game Has Released, DC Battle Arena

Electronic Soul has officially announced the release of their new mobile game entitled DC Battle Arena. Players from the Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore regions can now download this game on GooglePlay to start playing this cool DC game.

DC Battle Arena is a mobile game that features real-time multiplayer battle gameplay featuring the very popular DC super-heroes. This is a 3v3v3 brawl or moba game, players can fight using DC characters such as Harley Quinn, Superman, Batman, The Flash, Joker and so on. Currently there are 15 super-heroes that players can choose from.

There are 5 different game modes that players can unlock when leveling up. The default game mode in this game is 3v3v3 battle mode, players will fight against 2 other teams to control resources. The team with the most resources will win the game. Another game mode is the “Soccer” mode, where 2 teams fight each other in a soccer match full of super-hero battles. The first team to score 2 goals will win the game. There are still 3 other modes, based on some screenshots, one of which is 2v2v2 battle.

dc battle arena

The controls in this mobile game are very intuitive, there is only 1 active skill with the ultimate skill that the player must tap. Players can also pick up single-use items on the floor that can cause some serious damage to enemies.

If you have ever played Brawl Stars, the gameplay concept in this game is quite similar. The chibi character design, shard growth system, and various battle maps are some of the common features to be found in this genre. The combat of each match is very fast and each match lasts about 3 minutes. If you are looking for a fast PVP game, then you can try playing DC Battle Arena!

Publisher: Electronic Soul

Download: GooglePlay


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