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Murderous Pursuits Mobile Officially Released in SEA

Not long ago, NetEase officially launched a soft launch for the Murderous Pursuits Mobile game in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Players from both regions can now download Murderous Pursuits Mobile on the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Murderous Pursuits Mobile is a killer disguised multiplayer online game for 8 players, this is based on its PC game that has been released since 2018, Murderous Pursuit.

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Goal in-game is to kill the target while avoiding other players who might be assigned to kill you. You have to act like another simple player to avoid self-disclosure, find weapons with high ratings, stalk and kill targets.

Each different character has unique traits and skills that can help you more easily traverse the target better. Each match, you have about 5 minutes to kill other players as much as possible while trying your best to not become a victim of the Hunter.

Publisher: NetEase

Download HERE

Murderous Pursuits Mobile | Soft Launch Coming!

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