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My Hero Academia Mobile Game is Officially Released in the Southeast Asia

KOMOE Technology Limited has officially announced the release of their latest mobile game entitled My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Chinese version. Players located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and certain Southeast Asian countries including Singapore and Malaysia, can now download the mobile game from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero mobile game is an officially licensed game developed and published in China a few months ago. This mobile game has a unique gameplay which is a mixture of open-world and action RPG combat, and has a 3D anime graphic style.

fajaryusuf.com My Hero Academia Mobile Game Officially Released a

At the start of the game, players will be greeted with console-level cutscenes and even the QTE system commonly found in most console RPG games. For players who are unfamiliar and do not know the My Hero Academia anime series, this game will guide players about what My Hero Academia is in story mode.

Last but not least, in the in-game My Hero Academia there is also a PVP system, players will be able to form a team of 3 heroes to fight against other players.

Publisher: KOMOE Technology Inc.

Download click HERE


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