My Hero Ultra Impact global pre-registration campaign

My Hero Ultra Impact is starting a global pre-registration campaign!

Bandai Namco has officially announced a global pre-registration event campaign for their new game, My Hero Ultra Impact, a mobile game adapted from the popular anime My Hero Academia.

Previously, My Hero Ultra Impact was released in Japan in May 2021. My Hero Ultra Impact is an RPG Herocollection genre game with 3v3 Battle gameplay, and has a story adapted based on the Anime series, My Hero Academia. Players will be able to collect popular characters, such as All Might, Endeavor, Midoria, Bakugo, etc. In addition, players can also collect cards that can improve the character’s fighting ability in the game.

My Hero Ultra Impact global pre-registration campaign

Based on the information in the Appstore, My Hero Ultra Impact is planned to be released in April 2022!

Pre-registration: Googleplay or Appstore

MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT : Pre-registration Official Trailer


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