My Time at Portia Mobile Will Be Released Soon This Year

My Time at Portia mobile game developer, Pathea Games is working with Publisher Pixmain to release the Simulation-RPG Adventure mobile game to the Android and iOS platforms soon.

Initially, My Time at Portia is an adventure and simulation-RPG game released for PC and Console platforms. This game has the story of a young man in the Post-Apocalyptic era who comes to the city of Portia to repair his grandfather’s Workshop. By capitalizing on notebooks and equipment from the workshop, players must collect materials, mine, and create various items to become the number 1 workshop in Portia. Players can also help local residents and discover the amazing stories that exist in Portia.

My time at Portia mobile

Now, Pathea Games is developing the game for the mobile platform, and promises that all the features will be the same as adjustments for mobile devices so that players will experience an experience that is no different from the PC or Console versions.

My Time at Portia Mobile is planned to be released in mid-2021. At this time, there is still no official information about the price of this game for the GooglePlay or AppStore versions. For curious players, you can play the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions first while waiting for the release of the mobile version later.

My Time at Portia Mobile Announcement Trailer

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