NetEase is Developing Project M FPS Game, Similar to Valorant

Not long ago, NetEase, which is one of the game developers from China, has released a strategy mobile game with a space setting entitled Infinite Lagrange. Not long after the release of the game, NetEase made another announcement about the opening of the beta test phase of a mobile game called Project M, which is very similar to Valorant.

NetEase tells the process of making the Project M game in the first trailer released. in the published trailer, the gameplay is very similar to the popular PC FPS game developed by Riot Games, yep Valorant.

Many players have speculated that Project M will be a clone of the game Valorant but released for the mobile platform. Yep exactly as we can see in the trailer, Project M uses a gameplay similar to Valorant.

Elements of the environment, map locations, and style-art are very identical to the FPS game by Riot Games. In the early stages, Valorant had the title Project A which stands for Project Ares, and NetEase gave the title for its latest FPS game Project M, which seems to be on purpose to match.

Project m

Project M is a 5v5 FPS game that features shooting and shooting gameplay. This mobile game is planned to come with various modes such as Search and Destroy, and Diverse Hero Abilities.

Some of the character skills in Project M are also like imitations of the skills of the characters in Valorant. Like the Shield Sage wall skill, Sova’s drone, and also Brimstone tactics. Not only that, the skull marks that appear when successfully killing are also seen in Project M.

With the announcement of the FPS Project M game, NetEase seems to want to try to dominate the 5v5 FPS game market on the mobile platform. Moreover, games that are popular and similar to Valorant still don’t exist, NetEase most likely sees this opportunity as an opportunity.

Not only that, NetEase also often deliberately creates games that imitate popular PC games. But until now, there are still no further details on how NetEase will release the Project M game later, especially now that Riot Games has also confirmed the release of Valorant Mobile.

Valorant Mobile Clone from NetEase?

Source: YouTube


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