Onmyoji Yokai House

NetEase Will Develop Mobile Game Onmyoji: Yokai House

One of the mobile game developer companies from China, NetEase, is currently seriously developing their new game adapted from Onmyoji.

Not long ago NetEase developed Onmyoji: Yokai House. An arcade game that aims to fill the free time of the players. Players will play games with adorable chibi characters.

As a leading game developer in China who is still defeated by Tencent,NetEase seems to want to defeat Tencent, who was successful with their mobile games.

After great success with Onmyoji Arena, NetEase developed an arcade type game that matches the characters they have in the Onmyoji arena. In the trailer that you can see at the end of this article, this game has a unique gameplay.

Onmyoji: Yokai House

When the game starts the player will be given a number of funny pawns from the Onmyoji characters who have already been made into chibi. These pieces are used to fight the evil monsters that disturb the peace of the World of Onmyoji.

How to play it is quite easy. Simply by pressing the piece you want to use and hold it. After that determine the firing angle of this piece. Don’t forget, before defeating existing monsters. Defeat their men first!

This game is expected to be released for China first, next this game will be released globally.

Here are the features that are certain to be present in this game:

  • collecting characters
  • decorate the house
  • story game feature
  • interaction with other players

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Onmyoji: Yokai House (CN) - Closed Beta starting gameplay
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