Square Enix’s New Anime+Game Project Deep Insanity ASYLUM

Not long ago Square Enix has announced a new mobile game project called Deep Insanity Project. A game developed for the mobile platform, but apparently this game is also planned to be played on PC. For now, the game’s official title is Deep Insanity ASYLUM.

This game project is not just a game, Square Enix explained that their product will be divided into several parts. A mobile game is the main product, but along with the game Deep Insanity ASYLUM will also be made into a manga and anime, it looks like the release project “Anime+Game” this year is a new trend.

At the announcement, Square Enix planned this game to be released in September 2021. However, for manga and anime, it will be a month longer, namely in October 2021. As for the PC version of this game, the release date has not been confirmed, but it will most likely coincide with the release of the manga and anime.

deep insanity asylum

Deep Insanity ASYLUM is an RPG game that tells a story that takes place in the future year, 202X. A big explosion suddenly occurred in Antarctica, and since that incident the earth was suddenly attacked by a virus called Randolph Syndrome which disrupted the survival of all humans.

To find a solution to this problem, many organizations have to risk their lives to find a way. The solution sought here must have something to do with the explosion in Antarctica, and that’s where the story of the players begins in this game.

For now, there is still no more detailed information about what the gameplay is like in this one game. However, if we look at the released trailer, it’s possible that this game is an RPG-gacha genre, a genre that is already familiar to today’s anime mobile games.

ゲーム『Deep Insanity ASYLUM』ティザーPV(事前登録受付中)

Source: YouTube


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