New ARPG Adventure Titled Torchlight: Infinite Will Begin Beta Test

At the TapTap Present 2021 event that was just held, the developer XD Inc has just announced something new. They have just announced that their mobile ARPG game, Torchlight: Infinite is ready to start the beta test phase at the end of 2021.Torchlight: Infinite is an Action-RPG mobile game, the gameplay in this game focuses on roguelike adventures similar to Diablo. This mobile ARPG game was first announced at the ChinaJoy 2019 event , and this game is also included in the Torchlight series. As planned, the Asian region will be the selected region for the beta test to be held.Currently, there are 3 heroes that players can play in this game, they are Rehan, Gemma and Carino. Each hero in this game has their own unique powers, and they will come in handy in certain combat situations. Liu Heng as the Producer of this ARPG game also said that these three heroes are only the initial stage for the next update.
torchnight infinite
Rehan is a hero mage who has pure magic power and is often referred to as a Barbaric Mage. Next there is Gemma who is a melee fighter hero who can control the elements of fire and ice. Lastly is Carino which has a lot of skill sets which players can certainly combine into a certain attack.

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