New Mobile Games at the Tencent Games Annual Conference 2021 Event

Tencent Games has officially announced many mobile game titles that will be present at the Tencent Games Annual Conference 2021 or TGAC 2021 event. Here are some mobile game titles that players are likely to look forward to playing soon.

1.) Story of Seasons Mobile

Story of Seasons Mobile Tencent annual conference 2021

Tencent Games has been working with Marvelous to develop Story of Seasons Mobile since the first announcement in 2019. The pre-registration campaign has also started, to pre-register click HERE.

2.) Metal Slug Awakening

Metal slug awakening

Furthermore, there is a new Metal Slug game officially licensed by SNK entitled Metal Slug Awakening. This mobile game will hold its first Close Beta test in June.

3.) One Piece: Project Fighter

One piece project fighter

Project Fighter is a new One Piece mobile game developed by Tencent together with Bandai Namco. This game is a side-scrolling Action RPG game developed with Unreal Engine 4.

4.) I am MT 5

I am my 5

I am MT 5 is currently under development and they are recruiting players to help with the development process. Interested players will be involved in art design, world design, game gameplay, and battle design. This mobile game will hold a Limited Beta Test in August 2021.

5.) One Punch Man 3D RPG game

One punch man 3d rpg

A new One Punch Man mobile game is in development. This game features turn-based 3D RPG gameplay with CG animation added to character skills.

6.) Digimon: New Century

New century Digimon

Digimon: New Century is a turn-based RPG mobile game adapted based on Digimon. This mobile game held a beta test last year. Chances are, this new Digimon mobile game will be released in 2021.

7.) The Westward Burning Soul

The westeard burning soul

Finally, there is the game The Westward Burning Soul, a game adapted based on the TV animation, The Westward. The show itself based on Journey to the West and Season 5 will be released in June 2021.


Yep, that’s the mobile game that players who attend the Tencent Games Annual Conference 2021 or TGAC 2021 are likely eagerly awaiting.


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