New Pokémon Game, Cooperation Pokémon Company And TiMi

We have to admit, Pokemon is the most popular monster fighting franchise in the world from past until now, even though there are several competitor franchises that offer similar concepts, but still Pokemon is the best.

Pokemon has been around for generations and has become one of the favorite anime in childhood, and for those who play Nintendo as its main gaming platform, the popularity of Pokemon must be very inherent.

Today, the Pokemon Company has begun to try various alternatives to offer new flavors, including the presence of the fantastic Pokemon GO game with Niantic. Now, they seem ready to grow bigger in China.

The Pokemon Company is certain to collaborate with TiMi Studio Group, which is a subsidiary of Tencent .

pokemon company timi tencent

For those of you who don’t know, TiMi Studio is a popular mobile game developer such as Arena of Valor (AOV) and Call of Duty Mobile.

Although it has not been officially confirmed, this collaboration is likely to present a new Pokemon game that will be aimed at mobile gamers.

There is no information for the official name of this game project, or whether this latest Pokemon game will be released globally.

And for gameplay there is also no definite info, will it be presenting a classic Pokemon game but redesigned as a mobile game? Or will this be the newest generation game from Pokemon Go?

Or the game that is booming in 2019, will release a new game with the Auto-Chess genre of Pokemon universe? Let’s just wait for further information from Pokemon Company.

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