New RPG-Roguelike Game Stellar Hunter Has Been Officially Released

The new RPG Mobile game, entitled Stellar Hunter, is finally officially released on the Android and iOS platforms. LTGames which is a developer who develops this mobile game. Not only did they develop this game, they also developed Immortal: Reborn, Idle Knight and Fury Survivor: Pixel Z.

Stellar Hunter is an RPG genre mobile game with a space theme that has roguelike elements to create a variety of possibilities that might occur when played.

Player will act as a space ranger who is exploring the Vast Universe. Players can also explore various planets and find some great discoveries. Stellar Hunter

The roguelike element upgrade that is included in the Stellar Hunter game, creates a game by randomly occurring various possibilities. The luck of the Player in this game lies in the strategy used during play.

In in-game, difficulties occur not only because you have to deal with various strange creatures, but the appearance of a big dilemma during play can also create difficulties when the player has to decide something.

One of them is the decision to recruit and upgrade the alien race squad. Players must use the right weapons and skills in order to win.

Stellar Hunter presents eight alien galaxies to explore, and each planet has various big secrets that players can uncover.

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore


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