Ni no Kuni: Cross World is Officially Released, Download Now

Netmarble and Level 5 today kept their promise to release one of the new mobile MMORPG games entitled Ni no Kuni: Cross World. A few days ago they informed that this mobile game will be released on June 10, and it turns out that on June 8 they released this game, two days ahead of the previous plan.

The current release is only for the three regions that can try to play Ni no Kuni: Cross World, these 3 regions are Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. As for the global version, the developer has promised a release, but they want to first see the potential of this MMORPG game in the first three regions. If this game meets expectations, then the global version will be released soon.

Currently in the pre-registration and beta test phases, this game is getting a very positive response from players. The first three regions gave good marks, and even global players gave good marks. Seeing results like this, we can hope that the global version of this game can be released soon.

ni no kuni cross world rilis released download

As the newest game in the Ni no Kuni series, this new version of the game brings a variety of new features while continuing the unfinished story. Everything Cross World has, everything has been given an update and a variety of more modern features.

If you are interested in trying to play this game, you can now also download this game from a third party, and to enter the server, you need a VPN application that you have to set up and choose for a server in Japan, South Korea or Taiwan.

Ni no Kuni: Cross World is one of the most awaited mobile MMORPG games by players in the world. As one of the most successful IP MMORPGs, getting a follow-up series is something that players have always welcomed.

Download click HERE.


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