NieR Reincarnation English Global Version Will Be Released Soon

Not long ago on Twitter, there was an updated status post for the English version of the NieR Reincarnation RPG game or the global version which will be released in the near future.

At this status, the developer NieR Reincarnation said that they were developing this NieR Reincarnation game to be released in the English version or the global version in the near future.

“Our apologies for the long silence since the last update, but we’d like to share with you the development status regarding the English version of NieR Re [in] carnation. Please check the director’s letter for details. “

NieR Re [in] carnation EN
NieR Reincarnation global English version

For the Japanese version, this mobile RPG game will have a collaboration event between NieR Re [in] carnation and Drag-on Dragoon 3. This latest collaboration event will begin next week, to be precise this weekend on May 9.

NeiR Reincarnation is a turn-based RPG game, players are required to create a team and choose skills during the battle like a mobile RPG game in general, what is unique about this game is its excellent story and stunning graphics so that when playing it the player is like watching a movie.

Source: Twitter NieR Re [in] carnation


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