NieR Reincarnation Has Been Officially Released By Square Enix

Square Enix together with Applibot have officially announced the release of their latest mobile game entitled NieR Reincarnation. Players who are interested in this mobile game can now download it on the Japanese AppStore or GooglePlay.

NieR Re [in] carnation is an RPG genre mobile game adapted based on the Nier Yoko Taro story series.

At first glance, this newest NieR game feels more like an exploration game similar to Another Eden but with more pleasing graphics and a bigger exploration map. However, players won’t see a lot of stunning action for at least the first 10 minutes of the game, as there will be some stories in 2D. NieR Reincarnation

As for the combat gameplay, this game has an automatic ATB concept with the option to use skills by tapping the skills in the character’s avatar portrait.

The characters in this game will mostly be unlocked through the main story, while limited characters can be obtained from Gacha. Players can also get new weapons, and if lucky players can get new characters, which will also include the character’s exclusive weapons.

If players like story-based exploration RPG games, NieR Reincarnation is a very good game. However, players have to wait for the English version if they want to experience the real plot of the game’s story.

Publisher: Square Enix

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore


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